Arial view of the Harlan Days Fair

Contact Information, Chairpersons, & Directions

Please contact the appropriate chairperson listed below directly. If this is a general question please use the form. Our snail mail address is: Harlan Days ° p.o. box 74, Harlan, IN 46743

Committee meetings are held at 7pm at the Harlan Shelter House on June 22nd, July 6th, July 20th, July 29th for final set-up.

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Name Responsibilities Phone Phone
Joe Crozier Chairman, Advertising 657-5108
Ed Delong Treasurer 438-8652 657-5380
Dale & Doris Cobbs/Ekklesia Main Food Tent 312-5832
Renee Ely Raffle Tickets & Sponsors, Bingo 657-5592
Neil Koch Arena, Electrical, Heavy Equipment 573-6416
Nikki Minarik The Grand Parade 277-1053
Kevin Mullett Website & Twitter 438-9139
Howard & Marty Dager Cruise-in Car Show 657-8001 704-3169
Steve Gillford Raffle, Lion’s Hamburger Tent 750-5271
Vicki Schaber Craft, Farmers & Merchant Tent 413-9310
Kiddie Tractor Pull
Alex Zurbrugg Arena Events
Joy Geiger 5K Run 704-8720 657-1747
Sara Pierce Newspaper Publicity 750-1555 657-1460
Jack James Trash Removal, Heavy Equipment 410-8503 657-5827
Dutch Rapley Food Vendors 255-7090
Mike Bradley Softball Tourney 437-1689
Dan Miller Raffle, HQ Tent 402-6490
Parking, Fire Dept, EMS
Tami Werling T-Shirts 657-5736
Merchant tent
Lions Club/Gerry Ehle Hamburger Tent & Chicken BBQ 452-0184
Rick Hullinger Petting Zoo 657-5877
Jeanette Mclean/United Meth Donut 704-8560
Judy Foshee/N. Scipio Meth Pancake 255-0393
Ethan Gingerich Electrical and arena 797-2312
Andrew Collins Hockey 710-6712
Cliff Ehle Arena Help 715-0317
Mike Harvey Fair Play Volleyball 402-3999
Spencer Mumma Arena Help
Eric Howe Country Strong Truck 645-0533
Jason Dallich DJ 704-0352
Troy Gunder of Clover Printing Advertisment Printing 437-8369
Jack Koch Electrical 657-5293
Nate Koch Electrical 760-1559
HCYC/Gary & Diane Eager Kiddie Parade 657-5985
Floyd Fogle Cruise In 704-1414
Missy Markey Pre sale Ride Tickets 657-3242
Scott Burton Security 403-2823
Fritz Kuhn Sign Guy 419-518-0404
Dale Gerber Sound 740-9008
Jimmy Scott Conrad Tent Rental 437-0417 657-5829
Ethan Brandenberg Vocalist-Anthem 797-8544
Dan Bontrager Basketball 615-5408
Steve Schmucker Basketball 241-7015
Clint Miller Baseball President 760-6754 657-5306
Don Hissong Opening Ceremony
Dennis Bennet Contributor 433-2159
Terry Jo Lightfoot Insurance 437-0054 627-3517